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Greetings & Welcome 2021!

On behalf of the WIASIU Board and myself, we would like to welcome you to the new year! With 2020 came many C words: COVID, Changes, Challenges and Chances. Indeed it was a different year for many. However, as we embrace 2021, we can look at transformation of those C words: With Changes comes opportunity for more Collaboration. With Challenges comes opportunity for Knowledge. With Chances comes opportunity to look for Courage.

So it is fitting WIASIU considered that in our road map for 2021.

COLLABORATION: We know collaboration is so important in our roles. Our annual seminar is currently slated for April 22, 2021 at the Delafield Brewhouse. This is planned for IN PERSON but may be pushed back or pivoted to virtual. We have a WIASIU Golf Outing in the works to allow social distancing but networking. In October, is our Joint Seminar with AVCAW (October 19 & 21, 2021) at the Great Wolf Lodge. These are all great forums to collaborate.

KNOWLEDGE: In addition to the annual seminars – WIASU plans to offer mini virtual training nibbles in 2021. These mini virtual training nibbles are FREE to all WIASIU members. (Not a member or need to renew – now is a good time!) Additional information on the mini virtual training seminar information will be displayed on the WIASIU website: wiasiu.org.

COURAGE: In 2021, WIASIU will be debuting a program called “WIASIU GIVES BACK”. This initiative will help support a local charity. Our first charity will be a stuffed animal drive for disabled students at an Elkhorn School. More information to come.

We know Collaboration, Knowledge and Courage will lead us through 2021 and we hope you will be part of WIASIU.


Jolene Nell
WIASIU President

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